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November 23, 2005

RankQuest another FireFox Extension

I have decided to post about RankQuest and the tool bar they offer.  This issue with this to me is you don't really need the tool bar book marking the RankQuest Website is really all you need to do but the toolbar is very convenient.
This tool bar does a lot of great things but all by simply taking you to their website and entering the URL that you enter into the tool bar automatically as you use each tool.  I myself have decided to go ahead and keep the bar installed in FireFox and that way I don't have to dig into my book marks to use the features it has.
So just what does this tool do? Well to start off it does the typical stuff like
Like Google, MSN and Yahoo back links
Shows key word density
Shows Indexed Pages
For those types of features I actually prefer and will continue to use the Search Status Bar from Quirk as it sits at the bottom right of the Firefox browser out of the way and can do these things much quicker, including using the tabs in the FireFox browser to show all back links and all indexed pages in one click for all three engines.  Yet RankQuest has some very cool features that the Quirk Tool simply does not.
1.  Lynx View -  With this you can see what your site would look like in the Lynx Browser, at least that is the claim, having viewed the Lynx browser I disagree with that but it is a good text only view.
2.  Key Word Density Compare - To me this is the best feature and the reason I am willing to keep this bar installed.  You can enter several URLs and a group of key word phrases and click and get side by side analysis of all the sites for all the phrases in again one click.  I don't know how many urls or phrases you can check at one time but I tried four sites for five phrases and got results in a few seconds.
3.  A pretty good META tag analyzer
They also have a HTML Validation Tool and Code Cleaner which I think needs work.  I tried the code cleaner on a few pages to see the results and found that it seemed to cause layout problems, image file name changes etc. So personaly I won't be using those features for the time being.
All in all it is a great tool worth having mostly for the side by side densities.  Some people will claim densities do not matter any more and those people are right and wrong at the same time. 
If the term is a major term like "cell phone" or "chevy" that is true as tons of webmaster and optimizers are getting targeted anchor links for those terms heavily weighting the off page factors for them.  Yet if you are searching for
"cingular cell phone dealer dallas"
"original used chevy parts wholesale"
Density plays a major role and such phrases are the ones buyers use, keep that in mind as you continue in your SEM efforts.
Jack Spirko
The MasterLink Group, Inc

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