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November 28, 2005

New Article on our SEM Site

We have just added a new article about Hiring a SEO Firm on our new dedicated SEO Website.  Here is a part of it, 
It is no secrete that the topic of search engine marketing (SEM) and in fact internet marketing as a whole has become a hot topic lately.  Many companies from small businesses to the largest corporations have really come around to understanding just how powerful web site optimization can be when done properly.  Even the companies that as recent as two years ago, were convinced that the internet wasn’t for them are beginning to see the light, primarily because they are seeing their competitors succeed online and feel they are falling behind.

Considering all of this it is no surprise that over the same period of time an entire new business segment has developed with the rise of Search Engine Optimization Firms, (also called SEO Firms), ranging in size from small one man operations to large professional companies serving America ’s top multi-national corporations.  Some of these firms are excellent; many leave a lot to be desired and to compound the confusion in the market place search engine optimization is not very well understood by most people.  Then add in this little tid bit.

 “Whatever you know about search engine optimization and in fact any internet marketing method will be at least a little bit different next month and will continue to change almost daily for years to come”.

Read the Full Article about Hiring a Website Optimization Firm

Jack Spirko
Search Engine Marketing Specialist
The MasterLink Group, Inc

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