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November 29, 2005

Back Link Analyzer - Great Free Tool

Now this is a really great tool that gives you more information then just about any free tool I have yet to see and in fact more information then a lot of expensive SEO software out there.
The tool is called  Backlink Analyzer and it does a ton more then just show back links.
Here is how it works you enter the url you want to check for links, you then select the search engine/engines you want to check and set the parameters such as do you want to see the link type (as in it will identify if your links are recopicial or one way) and click go.  In just a few minutes (seconds if you have only a few links) it develops a report for you that shows
1.  The page linking to you
2.  The IP address of that page
3.  The Anchor Text of the Link or the Alt Image Tag if the link is an image and has an alt link (this is extremely valuable)
4.  The total number of links on the page your link is on and how many are outbound links vs. inbound links
5.  Whether the link is one way or reciprocal
6.  A summary report of the raw numbers of reciplicle links, one way links, total link popularity and number of IP C-Blocks represented in all your linking pages
I found this tool extremely useful, very intuitive and very fast. 
There were a few hang ups though.
1.  You need a Google API Key to get the detailed google results (no big deal) and that limits your google results to 1000 a day
2.  Serval times while running a link check the program hung up on me (always with yahoo by the way) this seemed to occur when one of the linking sites was down and unresponsive to the query from the program.  In other words Yahoo had the info but when the individual site was asked for an update the program simply did not give up.  I checked the offending site and it was indeed down.  The program has a "stop" button but clicking it did not work it told me it may take a few minutes to stop but 20 minutes later it was still hung.  I used windows task manager to shut it down and that worked at once.
Despite the hang up on yahoo for one site the tool has proven quite effective and I highly recommend it, again it is called Backlink Analyzer and you can find it by clicking here.
Jack Spirko
Search Engine Marketing Specialist
The MasterLink Group, Inc

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