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November 18, 2005

Online Search Marketing Tool

Well I have one more key word / search engine tool for everyone today. It is called Site Report Card and has been around for a long time. A fellow named Gene Culver turned me onto it about three years ago and I have used it with clients especially when in the field and away from my own computer to explain a lot of things like Key Word Density, Site Optimization, Inbound Links, Page Ranks, etc.

One of the real cool things to do with this tool is to do report on one of your pages, then do the keyword report on it, then open a new window and go do a search for that term or group of terms and see who is number one for it on what ever engine you want.

Then put the URL of the competitor who is at number one into the box to compare it to yours and it will show the key word densities side by side for both sites. It does not show everything but does show basic density and works very quickly.

If you take this tool and combine it with the two Mozilla/Firefox extensions I mentioned earlier today you have about 60-75% of what many SEO software suites provide.

So there you go your new tool kit is...

Just download the Mozilla Browser

Download and install the Quirk SearchStatus Tool Bar Extension

Download and install the SEO Links Extension

Then bookmark and remember to use SiteReportCard

With those resources you can very quickly make adjustments and do checks on the fly greatly enhancing your SEO efforts,

Jack Spirko
The MasterLink Group, Inc