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November 18, 2005

Here Comes the Real Results of Jagger3

Well it looks like the full effect of Jagger3 is about to be upon us in full force.  Quite a few other SEO seem to have noticed the same thing I noticed last night results show the update you do a refresh and then back to the Jagger2 now this morning it seems that the Jagger3 results are steady and consistent.
Here is what I have come to realize looking at the results as they have changed over the three updates
1.  The value of direct reciprocal linking was clearly effected but not to the degree many including myself have surmised.  I know of a few extremely competitive key phrases who were number one on Google and the SEOs behind them have really relied on reciprocal links to a high degree.  Most of them maintained their number one ranks or if they dropped only went down to number two. 
2.  The big winner as everyone expected were the HUGE sites in quite a few of the above mentioned competitive phrases when the old number one was pushed to number 2 or 3 the new king is about.com  I think about was the biggest winner in most of the areas where I saw change, just does not seem like what is really best for the user does it?
3.  Professional SEOs and Do It Yourselfers alike can still gain advantage with reciprocal links but they need to work on one way linking as well and stay away from small rings, I feel site links that link site a to site b and site b to site c and then site c back to site a arrangements have been found out as well.
4.  Deep links were always important as were varied links (to your home page and many other pages of your site) honestly I feel reciprocal links will still work great as long as you use a "change up" approach.  Set up a rotation and each time you work on links change the page you are getting links to, organize this and if you keep moving it around your links even reciprocal links will continue to work well.
5.  This may sound a bit contradictory but I also feel in some instances on page factor value has gone up and here is what I mean by that.  In some instances with moderately competitive phrases where top dogs were there with a ton of clear reciprocal links with most going to one page on their site some of their competitors with a lot less (in fact very few) natural links and great on page factors have pulled ahead.
The old view was content is king and while that has been mitigated a bit by Google's high dependence on links it is clear that content is still a much bigger part of the equation then many seem to realize,
Jack Spirko
Search Engine Marketing Specialist
The MasterLink Group, Inc

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