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March 06, 2006

Google to Provide Hosting? - What's Next?

Well, for years Bill Gates and the boys and girls at Microsoft have tried to basically own the operating system market. Goggle has seemed to be on the same track in the internet world now here comes more evidence.

Garett Rogers posted on his Google blog a discovery of some code hidden in GMail. This following line was the code in question

function vJ(){if(uy){;return''+"Manage this domain"+" "}else{return""}}
Don't worry if you don't know code all that well the only real piece that you need to grasp is the part that says, "Manage this domain".
What this indicates, (according to Garett) and I would tend to agree, is that Google will soon be allowing people to set mail.google.com as thei mail server as they develop their own mail servers for public use. This is nothing like Gmail it would be like me using @masterlink.com for my email but then have the mail traffic run over the google servers.

Taking this one step further and based in part on the launch of Google Web Page Creator last week and building on the launch of Google Analytics (for free) it appears that the folks at Google are preparing to not just index the Internet, they want to control it by monitoring how people use your site (Google Analytics), control how you design and host your site (Google Web Page Creator) and now, control how you communicate over the Internet with others.

So whats next? In my opinion full scale hosting (for less then most quality competitors). Will we see Google's top three in front of Congress some day in a "Microsoft Like" set of hearings? Who knows but it is certainly possible,
Jack Spirko
The MasterLink Group

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