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May 11, 2007

Microsoft Project Gatineau Coming Soon - Update from Microsoft

As users of what used to be DeepMetrix's LiveStats analytics software, MasterLink was recently contacted by Microsoft about the upcoming launch of Microsoft Project Gatineau that we mentioned back in January. To sum the message up, Microsoft is planning on opening up the beta to Project Gatineau this summer (no specific date given). Also a feature of the new system that jumped out at me was a mention of demographic segmentation reporting in this new analytics solution. I am curious to hear more about this, but I guess all we can do is wait until they give us more info or give us something to look at.

Additionally, if you would like to give feedback to Microsoft on what you want out of their web analytics offerings, then you call fill out this survey. It looks like they have been advertising on the term "sitemeter" to get people to fill out this survey so go ahead and voice your opinions to help make Gatineau a better system.

Below is a copy of the email that we received:
"Dear DeepMetrix Customer,

We're excited to update you about Microsoft's activities since we acquired DeepMetrix.

Over the past year we've focused on building the next generation of Web analytics. We've reached a transitioning phase, and are now rolling out our new service. Because of this rollout, we're no longer updating DeepMetrix products and support services will discontinue on January 31, 2008.

You may continue to use the unsupported products after this date. We also want you to know that we'd like to work with LiveStats.XSP customers to plan a smooth transition to the new service for you and your customers.

This summer you'll be invited to try the beta of our new Web analytics service—Project Gatineau. Some of the highlights of the beta features include:

  • Click and visitor tracking
  • Marketing campaign reporting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Demographic and geographic segmentation
  • Paid and natural search analysis

As customers of DeepMetrix and Web analytics, Microsoft values your business and hopes you'll try our new Web analytics service.

We'll let you know more as further information becomes available. For general questions or comments regarding DeepMetrix products or Microsoft Project Gatineau, please e-mail us at dms@microsoft.com.


The Microsoft Project Gatineau Team"

-Mark Barrera

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