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March 27, 2007

Google Custom Search - The Future of Search? Or is it the Past?

So I was reading Getting Link Love From Google Custom Search Engines at Search Engine Land, where Eric Ward discusses the link building opportunities and possible effects that Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs) may have on the future of search.

I was inspired to create a Custom Search Engine for one of our clients who is an industry leader and definitely an authority in its' market. Creating the CSE was simple and I am excited to see what kind of results and benefits we can achieve by incorporating this new CSE into our client's Internet Marketing efforts.

After I created the CSE, I was exploring the different options in the account and reading the Google Custom Search Blog about CSE's popular queries. I knew I wouldn't have any statistics yet, as I just created the search engine, but I was curious so I accessed the statistics page for my new CSE and was presented with the following screen:

1970? Huh? I thought this was the future of search? What's up with that Google?

Is it just me? Or is this a Google Co-op bug in all accounts for the new statistics feature?

1 comment:

Joel Frey said...

I am having the same issues with my site today (April 10, 2007). It only shows search results up to Sunday, the 8th. Also, my stats graph for monthly trends doesn't render correctly. While I only had the search active the last day of March, the monthly graph shows what appears to be a full 30 timeline. I'm happy my free (non-profit) search is back, I agree with the "beta" label :o)