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December 06, 2005

Today's New Tool

It honestly amazes me how much information can be acquired if you just know where to look. For a while I have kept this little gem to myself but today I will share it with you.

This tool is called the Marketleap Link Popularity Check

Yes yet another link checking tool but this one is very cool in its own way

First you enter any site you want to check links for and up to 3 additional sites you also have an option to select a "category" such as books, computers, media etc.

You then click Generate Report and the first report you will get is a listing of the websites you entered, their total link popularity over all the main search engines and about 30 sites from the category you selected. (if you don't select a category it will default to "general") You then see your sites back links and how they compare to those other 30 sites across a spectrum that measures your "Total Presence"

Presence is classified into one of the following areas

Limited Presence
Average Presence
Above Average
900 Pound Gorilla

The number of link to qualify for each level varies with the category and appears to be based on what the top 5-6 sites in each category rank.

As if this was not enough once you run a report on your site you create a bench mark which is stored in the Market Leap data base so when you come back you can pull up a report called a "Trend History Report" so you can see a graph of your growth or loss of back links. There is no user name or password or account info required anytime anyone runs a report on ANY SITE the data point is stored. Hence you may find a lot of info on your competition already stored for your review.

One more cool thing since you can run a report on any site your competitors may be running checks on you if you go in and check one of your sites and see that trending data is available you KNOW someone is checking up on your site. The more dates recorded the more often you are being checked on. Keep track of the days you run your reports and you will know every time a competitor uses this tool to check up on you. You may not like being "checked out" but one thing is for sure if you getting looked at you know you are doing something right.

There is also another report called a Search Engine Saturation Report which just tells you how many pages of a site are indexed for the main search engines and this report shows trending as well. This is a great tool for the do it yourself type and a great tool professionals can use to show clients trending in their back links and indexing.

Again you can find this tool at the following Link - Marketleap Link Popularity Check

Jack Spirko
Search Engine Marketing Specialist
The MasterLink Group, Inc - Dallas Web Design

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